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OPENINVESTMENTS Great things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. Abraham Lincoln Do we believe that you are here only to take a look? No, we don't. Foolish people are not interested in investing, clever ones don't waste their time and money. If you are here, you want to be independent. A gawker doesn't deserve passive income; a person of vision, being the master of their life, buys stocks when they are cheap, invests in emerging businesses, trades shares. And wins. A human isn't only a carrier of life, but also an individual. While leaving your workplace in the evening, being tired and exhausted, ask yourself whether you acted as a person today or were a mere noname, a drop in the ocean. There is only one way to get the feeling of being unique, that is to stop worry about money. Instead of thinking about salary, you should get passive income from investing and decide how to spend your dividends. Are you afraid of investing your hard-earned money and losing it all due to the lack of experience? Once our clients were also scared, now they trust us completely and enjoy the fruit of working with our company. Our team is all about money. We see it, sense it, our life is focused on it. Many people will ask: «Can I trust these guys? My answer will be: «If you are playing poker with them, better not. As for the matters of shares and investing, I would rather believe them than my own eyes or ears or nose. Their income is directly related to yours and they are perfectly aware of it. That's why our clients can sleep peacefully. You should also rest. Your dividends will be there for you when you wake up». Sincerely yours, George Douglas
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