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  • Maxvest is an online investment platform, built using the power of decentralised currency paired with automated margin & leverage trading. Maxvest is able to offer one of the most competitive and disruptive investment opportunities available in both the cryptocurrency and investment management industries. The Maxvest Platform was created and is managed by a very experienced group of programmers, traders, and cryptocurrency specialists. It has been built completely from the ground up, enhancing stability, security, and safety of investments withheld by the platform. The Maxvest development team has created one of the simplest yet private investment platforms in the sphere of cryptocurrency. Users do not need to enter any private or personal information when usingn our platform, and investing is as easy as four simple steps. You may choose to invest with over 200 Cryptocurrencies and Digital Token Assets, and receive automated payments to your cryptocurrency address or account based on your own customised plans that you create. To begin investing with Maxvest, simply create a free & anonymous account to be redirected directly to your personal investment dashboard. Maxvest will never ask for any personal information or freeze accounts for verification, as all user accounts created with us are completely private and anonymous to uphold the value of decentralisation.

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